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Frequently asked questions

So, how does it work?

Easy. (Well, AI is complex, but our service is simple — intentionally.) Over our years working with AI — understanding, testing, building — we’ve learned that simplicity leads to the best results. Which is why we’ve streamlined everything from the process to the team. All we need to create an accurate, conversational, consumer-friendly product description is five keywords or keyword phrases. But don’t just take our word for it — we invite you to see it for yourself. We’d be happy to send you some samples.

Is Thread AI copy better than ChatGPT?

Thread’s AI product copywriting tool is trained specifically on ecommerce copy. Thread’s writers have decades of experience working for some of the top brands in the world, and they’ve channeled their skills into creating an AI copywriting tool that meets the studio’s high standards. ChatGPT and other off-the-shelf tools can maybe (emphasis on “maybe”) get there with the right prompts and multiple attempts and different approaches. But it’s a time-intensive process that’s far from guaranteed. Our AI copywriting service produces clean, accurate, creative content that’s designed to meet a high ecommerce standard. And it’s fast. We’re talking one generation plus a quick fact-check.

How do YOU make sure THREAD AI copy is accurate?

Our golden rule is clean, accurate data in = clean, accurate copy out. But just like human writers, AI writing tools occasionally get things wrong. So our service includes fact-checking and proofreading to ensure the copy we’re delivering is factually correct. We work with you in the onboarding process to make sure the right inputs are provided to inform the AI to create the best output possible.

How long does it take to get THREAD AI copy?

This depends on the size of your project. A project with 2,000 SKUs could take as little as two weeks to complete.

What if I need more than a copy block?

We intentionally designed our AI copywriting tool to deliver a product description only, because with AI, success lies in simplicity. For other product copywriting needs, including category landing pages, product highlights and content marketing, our Thread studio writing team is happy to jump in.

Will THREAD AI content rank on Google?

Yes. You can read about that here, and here, and here. Google wants unique content. Thread’s AI writing tool is designed to create just that.

What’s Thread’s ethical take on using AI for copy?

AI is already changing how we (both Thread specifically and creatives and marketers generally) work, and jobs are morphing rather than disappearing. As it currently exists, AI can be a complement to human emotional skills like empathy and analytical skills like critical thinking, but it doesn’t replace them.

AI is a technology. And like so many disruptive technologies that have come before it, we’ll see a learning and discovery phase and an adaptation phase, and then reach a time when AI is integrated into countless industries. Think of any tech development or tool created over the last 50-plus years: email, cell phones, the radio and even writing itself were viewed with suspicion. Now we’re accustomed to being told what to buy next while browsing on our phone at the park, or in our kitchen when milk runs low. We can listen to any song or watch any video on demand anytime and anywhere. We take texting for granted, and likely most of us prefer it to a phone call for brief communications.

Is the AI thinking?

No. The way our AI writing tool creates copy is called predictive text. The algorithm that created the tool “read” tons and tons of copy to be able to generate copy like a Thread writer: predicting word by word. It’s not copy-pasting content from the internet. And it’s not just spitting back out the inputs we give it. Readers make better writers IRL, and in the AI world, that’s exactly how it becomes a better writer, too — by reading. Thread continuously feeds the AI copy to “read,” which means it’s continuously learning and getting better.

What’s the difference between AI and AGI?

Generative AI is kind of like a maxed-out autocomplete where instead of just guessing the next word you might type, the AI takes over and guesses the whole sentence/paragraph/story for you. AGI stands for artificial general intelligence, and it’s closer to what we think of when we read doomsday predictions of AI AGI taking over the world. AGI can exhibit decision-making based on independent cognition.

Does Thread have other AI services?

While our first service offering is an AI product copywriting tool, we’ve got other services in the pipeline. From AI personalization to an AI SEO writing tool to AI-assisted competitive research, we are continuously testing, creating and seeking out tools that will help our clients have more meaningful reach and impact.

Drumroll, please: Thread is now a Certified B Corp! We 🎉 are 🎉 stoked