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Print, digital and social

client: Tofurky

campaign: April Fools’ Day

After a few years of debuting spoof products, Tofurky asked us for a good-natured Instagram prank for April 1. Instead of showing folks a funny fake product they couldn’t really have, we decided to show them a funny real product they could. These limited-edition Tofurky bumper stickers increased engagement by 10x.

client: Sun Valley Resort

campaign: Your Lazy Parts Will Hate Us

This campaign helped America’s oldest ski resort, Sun Valley, tell its story of how being situated out of the way yields some unique and alluring advantages. Thread created a seasonal ad campaign, web copy and other story-driven messaging for the resort and Sun Valley’s marketing group.

client: Umpqua Bank

campaign: Neighborhood

Our campaign for Umpqua Bank upended the clichés of money as power or escape, instead reframing it as a tool for connection. Campaign assets included advertising, environments, events, web and social media, helping Umpqua grow from a handful of locations to the largest independent bank on the West Coast.

client: adidas

campaign: ZG23 Golf Spikes

Thread partnered with adidas Golf to create foundational messaging for ongoing seasonal campaigns. The framework is used for both internal sell-in and consumer-facing creative, translating technical golf terminology into tangible benefits, every detail built with a job to do.

Drum roll, please: Thread is now a Certified B Corp! We 🎉 are 🎉 stoked