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Thread pricing

What you’re paying for: We’re creative brand strategists and career copywriters who think deeply about communication and have the creative chops to wring out the truth in a way that feels fresh and effortless. We’ve done this work for decades, nail briefs and deadlines, and love making our clients happy.

How we’ll work together: If you’ve got a single writing project, like a product name or seasonal campaign, we’re happy to pitch in. But our favorite way to work — and where we’ll find the most success — is a long-term partnership with regular monthly or seasonable deliverables. Less briefing and more shorthand make for greater efficiency and better creative work.




$3,000 – $10,000

Whether you’re launching a new product or spotlighting a seasonal offering, we’ll get the word out in a way that’s fresh and unexpected. We start with foundational messaging and creative concepting, then work with you to design a schedule of deliverables.

Content Marketing

From $3,000 per month

Think of us as your personal brand writing team for brainstorming, strategizing and catching regular and unplanned content marketing needs. We’ll put together a custom bundle of services to meet your monthly goals: social posts, emails, print and digital ads, website copy, video scripts, and more.

Sample content marketing bundle: two blog posts + two promo emails + four social posts = $3,000


From $10,000 per name

A great name distills an entire experience down to a word or two. Our deliverable includes 10 to 25 options divided by theme, with rationales for each name. We run names through the U.S. Patent and Trademark database. New clients should plan for an additional onboarding fee. The number of stakeholder review rounds also influence pricing.

Product Copywriting

$100 – $150 per model

Seasoned copywriters craft product content in a unique voice specific to your brand. This service is best for premium brands and technical or story-driven products. It includes full-service data management, client review, project management and a dedicated creative team of writers, researchers and proofreaders.

AI Copywriting

$2,500 – Onboarding / Set-up*

*Per brand. $500 set up fee charged for every order after the first

$45/model – 250 – 1,000 models (250 minimum model count)

$40/model – 1,000 models and above

This is no off-the-shelf AI. Thread’s AI copywriting tool is trained by eCommerce experts (that’s us) to follow the best practices of digital retail. AI product copywriting is clean, accurate and well-suited to high-volume inline products. It’s the right choice for clients who can input a clean data set that follows our specific prompts. This service includes project management, fact checking and proofreading; research for specs bullets is available for an additional fee.

Not sure if you need AI or Thread studio copywriting services? That depends on the complexity of the product technologies, the amount of storytelling required, whether the copy is for wholesale or D2C, and the condition of your product data. We have years of experience with AI product copywriting and would be happy to help you figure it out.

Blog Writing

$4,500 per month

You provide SEO requirements, a marketing calendar and customer insights. We’ll provide an SEO-optimized blog-writing machine. Our blog writing service includes a monthly content pitch meeting, maintaining an editorial calendar, four 600- to 800-word articles per month, and promotional copy for hyping the blogs in emails and on social media.

Thread Writers’ Room


Racking your brain for great copy that’s just not coming? Book a two-hour session with two to three of Thread’s top writers. You’ll walk away with 50 to 80 rough lines that can be used for headlines, taglines, socials, elevator pitches, you name it. Includes two hours of post-session finessing and copy clean-up.

Talks + Workshops

Talks from $800
Workshops from $2,400

Learn and think with us. We can pop in during a team lunch or create a full custom workshop designed just for your brand, team and communication challenges.


Brand Manifesto

$10,000 – $15,000

We’ll take your brand purpose and values and knit them into a compelling call to action that inspires your audience not to just buy your products, but to believe in your brand. Used in video scripts, wall art, campaigns and more.

Brand Voice Strategy

Brand Voice Strategy and Guidelines: $16,000 – $20,000

Strategy and tools to ensure everyone who communicates on behalf of your brand speaks in a single unified voice. Deliverables include a brand voice audit, brand voice stakeholder survey, audience + competitor discovery, brand voice guidelines and a brand copy style guide.

Brand Voice Blueprint: $3,500

A jump start to creating an authentic brand voice your consumers actually look forward to hearing from. Includes a communications audit and action plan with concrete next steps for bringing your unique brand voice to life.

Brand Narrative Identity

From $60,000

A comprehensive deep dive into your brand culture, core offerings, competitive landscape and prospective audience. We’ll uncover your brand purpose, pillars and truth, and create guidelines and a manifesto for living that truth through the brand and workplace.

Note: Due to the all-in nature of these projects, Thread takes only two narrative identity clients each year.

Drumroll, please: Thread is now a Certified B Corp! We 🎉 are 🎉 stoked