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Freelance Copywriter

What will you be working on as a freelance writer with Thread? Most of our freelancers (and staff writers, come to think of it) got their start with Thread by writing product stories. If this sounds like new territory, we still want to hear from you. Our writers come to us from a variety of paths, and we welcome new perspectives to our work and our team.

Here’s what a few of our freelancers have to say about working with us:

In more than 20 years of diverse freelance work, I’ve found Thread to be head and shoulders above other contract employers. The company treats freelancers with uncommon respect — everything from paid training (with excellent snacks!) to solid pay, gentle criticism and the occasional extras.

It probably sounds corny but, even though I work at home, it kinda feels like being part of a team working toward a common goal.

I really like writing about sportswear products and love working with the Thread staff. Everyone is so helpful and thoughtful, and I always know that everyone is trying their best.

What are we looking for in our freelancers? Writerly skill, of course, but also an openness to learn, stay curious, and understand and apply constructive feedback. If this sounds like the environment you’re looking for – then we’re looking for you.

As introduction, please send us:

  • a letter
  • your resume
  • your potential availability (hours per week and when you can start)
  • your words — please send us samples of your work if you have them

P.S. Thread is located in Portland and Hood River, Oregon, but our contractors can and do work from anywhere.

Drum roll, please: Thread is now a Certified B Corp! We 🎉 are 🎉 stoked