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Thread Creative launches first AI product copywriting tool of its kind

Portland, OR, June 20, 2023

For immediate release

Thread Creative, a top global ecommerce writing studio, has created an AI product copywriting tool taught by the award-winning studio’s creative writing team and years of AI development experience. The result is clean, creative and unique product content that’s distinct from off-the-shelf AI.

Thread’s AI copywriting service is a great fit for brands with high-volume product content that gets updated season after season. No matter a brand’s product type or audience, Thread’s AI copywriting tool is built to save time and money.

All that’s needed to create an accurate, creative product description is five product keywords or phrases. Thread’s AI product copywriting tool then turns those keywords into a consumer-friendly product description, which is then proofread and fact-checked to be on-point and accurate.

The difference between Thread’s service and ChatGPT or other off-the-shelf tools is that Thread’s AI product copywriting tool is trained specifically on top-tier ecommerce product copy. Attempting to get similar results from off-the-shelf AI is incredibly time-intensive and hit-or-miss at best, and it doesn’t scale to the needs of a typical ecommerce brand. Thread’s project management team makes the process simple, taking the guesswork out of navigating the AI world.

“We’ve been working in AI content tool development for several years now. That early familiarity with how generative AI works has given us valuable insight and an advantage in our ability to track its rapid improvement,” says Thread’s AI lead Jessica Shulsinger. “That early adoption is the edge that enabled us to create an AI copywriting tool we have confidence in creatively and that exceeds industry standards.”

Thread’s writing staff has decades of collective experience creating product stories for some of the world’s top brands. Thread also piloted and trained (and continues to manage) an AI product copywriting tool for a leading global brand. The team channeled these skills into creating an AI copywriting tool that meets the studio’s high standards. The result is clean, accurate, human-sounding copy that avoids the robotic repetition of phrasing that’s the tell of off-the-shelf AI.

“Wherever and whenever brands are able, the winning strategy is to invest in original, empathetic creative work that feels fresh, unexpected and relatable. But with the sheer volume of content flooding the marketplace, the majority of brands can’t afford that level of investment everywhere,” says Thread’s creative director Audrey Aiken. “Our AI copywriting service helps brands free time and resources, redirecting the might of our writing staff to creative, strategic projects that will have the most impact.”

Sales Contacts:
KO Ford, Business Development Manager,
Liz Hartmann, Director of Accounts,

Media Contacts:
Sarah Lewis, Creative + Strategic Planner, Artificial Intelligence,
Jessica Shulsinger, Director of Creative Operations and AI Lead,

About Thread
Thread is a writing studio based in Portland, Oregon. Since 2006, Thread has collaborated with some of the world’s largest global brands to tell meaningful product stories online. In 2020, Thread began working with generative AI to train it to follow the best practices of digital retail. The result is the world’s first creative studio-designed AI product copywriting tool, launched in June 2023.


Drum roll, please: Thread is now a Certified B Corp! We 🎉 are 🎉 stoked