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AI Copywriting

Trained by the world’s top
ecommerce writing studio
(that’s us)

This is no off-the-shelf AI. We poured 15 years of ecom know-how and several years of rigorous AI training, testing and development into our service. Now our AI product copywriting tool is ready to create lots and lots of unique, accurate, consumer-friendly ecommerce descriptions, quickly and efficiently.



Thread’s AI copywriting service is a great fit for any brand that’s got product stories to tell. No matter your product type or audience, our AI copywriting tool will likely save you time and money.


Thread piloted and trained an AI product copywriting tool for a leading global brand. We folded everything we learned into creating a fast, streamlined,  consumer-friendly AI copywriting service for our studio.

🍕 What you get

Thread AI delivers copy that’s up to the high standard of our writing studio: clean, accurate, human-sounding product content that avoids the robotic repetition of phrasing that’s the tell of off-the-shelf AI.

We take care of project management, fact checking and proofreading to ensure  the process is easy and copy is on-point and accurate. Research for product bullet points and other PDP content is also available.


  • Quick-turn product descriptions
  • Secure data storage
  • Project management
  • Proofreading and fact-checking

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