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Talks + workshops

For people who like to have fun while they think

Thread’s talks and workshops are grounded in the story expertise we honed while tackling communications challenges similar to the ones your teams may be tasked with right now. We’ve boiled what we’ve learned down to a handful of talks (shorter, punchier) and workshops (a bit longer, more hands-on) to spare you the time and energy (and stress) of learning these lessons on your own. Plus, we’re fun. Your people will like us.


💡 Talks

Invite small teams or your whole organization for a one-hour talk with one of Thread’s speakers. You’ll leave with smart insights, interesting stories and clear steps to bring what you’ve learned into your everyday work.

🍳 Workshops

Collaborate with some of Thread’s top creatives during a half-day workshop. We’ll break down the creative process, work in small groups, and get tips for using story and language to connect more meaningfully with your customers.

👨‍💻 Online Courses

The antidote to writer’s block and marketing meaninglessness. Get tips and improve your skills by joining us from your laptop — any time, from anywhere. Sign up to be the first in line when we release this online series.

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Pricing: Talks start at $800 and workshops begin at $2,400.

Popular Topics

Easy times a million is hard: Producing high-volume product content

After more than a decade of developing systems to help brands create relevant, persuasive, brand-right product content at scale, we’ve successfully navigated the pitfalls and vexing points of friction you’ll encounter along the way. We’ll show you how to tackle endless piles of shifting product data and share insights into the best practices Thread uses to get insights from the designers’ and product managers’ heads and onto a product landing page. You’ll leave with tools and tips for managing deadlines, allocating resources and designing workflow.

Product content bootcamp: Writing stories that convert

Once a consumer picks your product up off the virtual shelf, you’ve got about six seconds to convince them to purchase it. All the specs and techs in the world aren’t going to sell that four-person tent if the copy sounds like it was written by a person who has never spent the night on a mountain. This talk provides best practices for persuasive product storytelling that relieves doubt and converts consumers.

Stick the clicks: How search is changing and how to change with it

For decades, ecom marketers have used keywords to bring shoppers to their products via search pages. But now AI and large language models are enabling shoppers to bypass Google altogether and get their answers directly from a chat tool. What does this mean for SEO strategy? Is search dead? In this talk, you’ll learn how large language models are (and aren’t) affecting web search and how search behavior is changing. We’ll show you what you can do today and in the future to safely ride the rollercoaster and make sure your products get found. 

The host in the machine: The future of personalized ecommerce content

Slapping a shopper’s name at the top of an email is just the opening chord of the symphony of personalization that will quickly become possible thanks to AI. Soon, shoppers will experience a seamless experience from browse to buy, from brands that truly understand them and can anticipate their needs. For brands, personalization isn’t just a route to conversions; it’s a way to build shoppers’ trust, solve their problems and forge relationships that keep customers for life. This talk gives an overview of personalization and identifies what brands will need from a content perspective to tailor an ecom experience for individual shoppers.


Thread workshops include:

  • In-person and online events
  • Custom workshops for specific teams and projects
  • Team-building activities
  • Guest and keynote speakers for events and conferences

“The Thread team is an absolute delight to work with. We landed together on a fantastic outcome that served the needs of my team and highlighted the expertise and creativity in their approach to problem solving. I am looking forward to collaborating again with our friends at Thread!”

— Jason Stewart, adidas Director Advanced Concept marketing

Drumroll, please: Thread is now a Certified B Corp! We 🎉 are 🎉 stoked