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Products, brands and features we’ve named

client: adidas

technology name: Boost

The first material to truly challenge ubiquitous EVA foam, the newest midsole from adidas was lightweight, provided 70% energy return and stayed elastic in the coldest of temps. It was also the most comfortable midsole in the adidas playlist. Rather than focusing on what it looks like (which was weird), we focused on what it feels like, and Boost was born.

client: adidas

product name: Springblade

adidas Future created a new foamless midsole that was unlike anything before it. Our task was to develop a descriptive, legally protectable name that conjures up an immediate benefit in the minds of consumers: lightweight propulsion (aka that feeling of being flung up, up and away).

client: Tofurky

brand name: Moocho

When Tofurky set out to launch a new dairy-free sister company, they called Thread to name it. Like the name Tofurky, their new brand name had to be light, accessible and fun. The winner, Moocho, combines a cattle-reminiscent “moo” sound with a connotation of abundance (the Spanish word “mucho” means much, many, a lot or plenty).

client: Thread

brand name: Talkoot

When Thread’s founder launched a collaborative ecommerce content platform, he knew he was onto something big. Now he just needed a name for it. The platform is designed to help teams and clients work seamlessly across continents and time zones; Talkoot is a Finnish term meaning a gathering of friends and neighbors to accomplish any task that’s better done together than alone.

client: National Abortion Federation

service name: National Abortion Hotline

Naming can be tricky and is often fraught with internal challenges. In this case, the client was reluctant to remove its name from its service, calling it the National Abortion Federation (NAF) Hotline Fund. But you can’t argue with memorability. In the end, National Abortion Hotline won out, a name that’s strong, proactive and optimized for search intent.

Drumroll, please: Thread is now a Certified B Corp! We 🎉 are 🎉 stoked