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adidas golf work share

Campaign Messaging Framework

Product Copy Creation

What makes a great campaign? Informed by a mix of consumer research, market trends, brand expertise and gut instinct, great campaign messaging distills the product story down to clear, concise language that hits on product strategy and connects with consumer needs.

In addition to writing eCommerce product stories for adidas Golf, Thread was engaged to create the messaging framework for their seasonal product campaigns twice a year. It’s the messaging framework that starts the product storytelling relay, informing everything from ads to social copy to emails to landing page headlines.

CODECHAOS 22 Golf Shoes

adidas first launched the CODECHAOS golf shoe line in 2020, with campaign messaging that challenged golfers to reimagine what a golf shoe could look like.

For CODECHAOS 22, the objective was to communicate continued technical innovation and bold style with an emphasis on capturing the competitive mindset.

Campaign Story

How do you take a shoe as loud and different as the original CODECHAOS and turn up the volume? 

Working directly with the adidas Golf brand communications and marketing team, we laid the groundwork for the 2022 campaign messaging by exploring the story behind CODECHAOS 22.

A technical product like a golf shoe has physical performance and emotional benefits. By exploring the performance nuances of the new CODECHAOS model, we built a solid understanding of its physical benefits and then focused on the emotional benefits, in this case, the swagger and confidence that help fuel a competitive mindset. 

Attract, Engage, Convert

With a solid product story in place, it’s time to distill the details and benefits down to headlines and taglines that connect with consumers at every stage of the consumer journey.

The focus of the Attract, Engage, Convert copy for CODECHAOS 22 was to expand on the original CODECHAOS theme of “Impossible to Ignore,” highlighting its distinct look and emphasizing its competitive spirit.


Long Live Loud


Turn up your game


Think the CODECHAOS22 looks wild? Its looks are just the beginning. Every detail is built with a job to do from the wraparound outsole that provides a stable stance to the neon tread that gives you the traction for a powerful swing.

Once messaging is final, the marketing team is stocked with copy to use in email, social and on the web.

Drumroll, please: Thread is now a Certified B Corp! We 🎉 are 🎉 stoked