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Carhartt work share

How Copy Fueled Carhartt’s Digital Transformation.

Product Copy Creation

Who is Carhartt?

→ outworking them all since 1889

The name “Carhartt” is synonymous with heavy-duty workwear. Started in Detroit in 1889, the brand prides itself on the durability of its gear, built for environments where clothes are not just a matter of comfort but safety.

Carhartt was going through a digital transformation in 2018 and wanted to expand their D2C business. They sought Thread’s help to make their ecommerce platform more accessible and customer-centric. As a brand with a solid niche market, they have a percentage of long-time shoppers who know exactly what they’re looking for down to the product number. Our challenge was to make their ecommerce copy sound authentic to a tried-and-true customer base while being approachable to first-time shoppers. Since then, we’ve worked with the brand beyond D2C to create copy across D2B and CCG channels.

It’s not the first time Thread’s tackled the challenge of maintaining brand authenticity as business continues to grow. Check out our work with Burton to explore how we created shopper-friendly descriptions for a wide customer base.

The proof is in the product copy.

Read our Carhartt descriptions to see how we brought the brand’s story to life.

Force® Utility Legging

These women’s leggings were created after visiting a woman at a pig farm. From lifting heavy pigs to jumping over concrete walls, the work she did called for the ultimate mix of flex and durability. These tights are made of stretchy fabric that wicks sweat and fights odor. A bit thicker than your average leggings, they’re reinforced at the knees for strength and feature abrasion-resistant pockets.

Duck Detroit Blanket-Lined Jacket

The Detroit Jacket built a reputation for toughness on the backs of warehouse workers, farmhands, and ranchers across America. With its signature corduroy collar and heavyweight fabric, this rugged layer hasn’t changed much since its release over 40 years ago.

Extra Buttons

If your pants aren’t equipped to handle suspenders, attach these Carhartt metal buttons to the waistband. Each packet contains eight buttons and shanks, and we ship two dozen packets per box. If you’re no good at math, that’s 192 extra buttons. You might need more pants.

Drumroll, please: Thread is now a Certified B Corp! We 🎉 are 🎉 stoked